Christian Camping

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The Need:
Until recently, Mexico was one of the least evangelized countries in Latin America. Praise God, this situation is changing, and now there are many new believers and young churches. A tremendous challenge still faces the church, though, as nine out of ten Mexicans have yet to hear and respond to the gospel. Christian camping has proved to be one of the most effective tools available to the local church for evangelism and discipleship.

The Impact:
Christian camps at El Monte have tremendous potential for reaching the lost in Mexico. First of all, the property is located in an ideal area already famous for tourism and within a ninety-minute drive of 30 million people (of which 29 million still need Christ!). Secondly, the strategy is to work together with local congregations to train leaders prior to the camps and offer ongoing follow-up for new converts afterwards. Thirdly, we hope to introduce a new paradigm of small group camping that lends itself to friendship evangelism and discipleship.

We seek to grow to a capacity of three to four hundred beds and are trusting God for a harvest of 10,000 souls within the next few years. As we grow, we will need qualified individuals, both foreign and Mexican, to head up this ministry.

For Information:
To receive more information about ways to become involved in Christian camping in Mexico, please e-mail: Thanks!

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